Pierre Fabre Award for Therapeutic Innovation

Pierre Fabre, founder of the Laboratories Pierre Fabre, second independent pharmaceutical company in France, was a self-entrepreneur highly motivated and passionate of science, pharmaceutical research for the benefit of patient and human being.

He was a visionary manager and until the last moment of his life involved in developing the pharmaceutical activities, while being very close to his associates.

The name of “Pierre Fabre” definitively being associated with the spirit of “Therapeutic innovation”, the company “Pierre Fabre Médicament”, in memory of its founder, and in partnership with the French Medicinal Chemistry Society, has decided awarding a decisive action, a scientific discovery, an innovative technology contributing to a substantial therapeutic innovation. This contribution may rise from the very early phase of research and would like to nominate a talented researcher.


Individual Candidacies should be mailed to the SCT secretary : alain.gueiffier@univ-tours.fr


The deadline for submission is April 28th, 2017


The candidates should provide a short document (font: Arial 12, space between lines: 1.15) describing their own contribution to innovation, including the state of art, the context and the exceptional added value of the innovation, the potential impact on the downstream phases, the perspectives, the references. In addition a short CV of the candidate should be added. The total length of this document (Contribution+ refs+CV) should not exceed 10 printed pages.

The candidate has to accomplish its duty as SCT member by paying his membership by credit card on the SCT website to be eligible. The “Pierre Fabre award” jury members select the laureate among the candidates.


The “Pierre Fabre Award for Therapeutic Innovation” (amount of 3000 €) is given during the International Conferences of Medicinal Chemistry (RICT), an annual SCT meeting, by a Pierre Fabre company representative and the SCT president.
By accepting the award, the laureate agrees to present a plenary lecture at the RICT 2017 (July 5-7, 2017 - Toulouse, Occitanie, France).


List of Laureates

In 2014, the Pierre FABRE Award for Therapeutic Innovation went to Prof. Sébastien PAPOT

In 2015, the Pierre FABRE Award for Therapeutic Innovation went to Dr. Raphaël RODRIGUEZ

In 2016, the Pierre FABRE Award for Therapeutic Innovation went to Dr. Alain WAGNER


Information for this call can also be found at: http://www.sct-asso.fr/prix_pierre_fabre.html