1er congrès international « Cancer cell death & therapy »


The main cause of carcinogenesis has long been considered as a default in the proliferation machinery providing an advantage to pre-tumoral cells compared to surrounding normal cells. We will be pleased to welcome you in this new biennal congress that will be held in St Malo (France) to understand how malignant cells escape cell death.


Accordingly, understanding the cell death signaling pathways in general (apoptosis/necrosis/ autophagy/ etc…) takes a tremendous place in cell biology and in oncology.


Indeed, cell death is crucial to eliminate damaged, supernumerary, or transformed cells via the induction of the extrinsic (death receptors), the intrinsic (mitochondria-dependent) or the other death pathways (necrosis, autophagy…). Alterations in these signaling pathways appear as key events promoting tumor immune escape and chemoresistance.


This 1st international Cancer Cell Death and Therapy (CCDT) Congress will bring together clinicians and scientists working on cancer to highlight the latest advances in the understanding of mechanisms controlling cell death and will put emphasis on potential new targets for innovative therapeutic strategies in the famous corsair city of Saint Malo.


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