Research into the human and social care of cancer

The role of the network is to promote the links between the Humanities and Social Sciences and the actors of the medical world in the fight against cancer.

The aim is to support multicentric research work, to pool resources and to allow a multidisciplinary approach to research. As such, the SHS network brings together researchers in the humanities and social sciences and caregivers around the issue of cancer.

The network consists of many disciplines such as linguistics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, economics, history, arts, and biomathematics.

The SHS network is structured through a dynamic site and working groups. The research teams are present at: Angers, Brest, Nantes, Orleans, Rennes, Le Mans and Tours.

Network research is organized around 5 axes:
- Quality of life for patients and caregivers - Quality of life platform
- Cancer Announcement
- Prevention and screening
- Pediatric Oncology
- Cancer and work

In 2019, the network organized the Cancer and Work Symposium on March 28 and 29, 2019 in Nantes, also demonstrating the importance of this theme in the network.

The SHS network is involved in the "Quality of Life of Caregivers and Patients" platform of the Cancéropôle Grand Est, with a national research dynamic.