Integrative Biology of Cancers

Identifying the biological profile of patients and their tumours and adapting treatments

The network of competencies in "Integrative Biology of Cancers" is a development of the Pharmacogenomic/Genetic organisation created as soon as the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest was set up.

The "cross-disciplinary technological assets" in cancerology identified in the West of France are made up of networks of technical competencies in clinical transfer (hospital platforms for molecular genetics labelled by INCa, pathological anatomy and cytology networks, oncopharmacogenetics-pharmacokinetics, DNA chips and integrative functional genomics and biomarkers, oncoproteomics, biostatistics and tumour libraries) and general practitioner technical platforms.

INCa supports the organisation and identification of expert cancerology platforms responding to a clear identification of clinical transfer centres.

A new direction for the organisation has therefore been proposed with a more stated vocation for rapid transfer for the patient. This is done through a wide range of competencies and technological innovations identified in cancerology and complementary to the existing general practitioner platforms.


The task of the "Integrative Biology of Cancers" organisation is :

  • To provide technological support for the Cancéropôle scientific projects
  • To offer standardisation of biological protocols
  • To manage working groups providing technological expertise to clinician
  • To give information on technological innovations applicable to cancerology
  • To develop innovative approaches
  • To collaborate more closely with the network of tumour libraries in the West of France
  • To seek financing to support the actions being undertaken
  • To identify the competencies in cancerology more widely